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Licensed Oklahoma Cannabis Grower

Welcome to Growing Wellness

Growing Wellness is a locally-owned and operated cannabis grower founded at the start of the Green Rush in Oklahoma.

We supply premium quality, clinically-tested cannabis to marijuana dispensaries across Oklahoma.

All of our flower is carefully-monitored and expertly-grown by a team that is truly passionate about producing the best ethically-sourced cannabis in the state of Oklahoma.

The Best Cannabis Growers in Oklahoma

Along historic Route 66 in Oklahoma, you’ll find an OMMA-licensed grower poised to make some history of its own.

While most of our fellow cannabis growers surged towards the cities, we planted our roots in Western Oklahoma.

Know Your Grower

For decades, an old motel-restaurant convention center laid vacant on a stretch of Route 66 in Weatherford, OK.

When interstates took the heart out of the Heartland’s favorite highway, it took its local businesses with them.

But in 2018, we fixed up the abandoned building and dedicated 12,000 square feet to the growth and sale of Oklahoma’s finest medical marijuana.

With a full-scale mother room, three large growing rooms, and an on-site drying room and trimming stations, we are able to fulfill each step of the growing process, all under one locally iconic roof.

How We Grow

Our process begins by first procuring the cannabis industry’s most exotic seed genetics.

After we’ve rounded up a batch of seeds, we begin hunting down the perfect phenotype seedlings.

Following a few days of feeding our seeds the organic nutrients they need, we identify which seedlings will be cloned and moved from the mother room on to one of our three main grow rooms.

There, the seedlings flourish in a vegetative state until they flower into plump, dank towers of world-class cannabis.

During harvest, each bud is hand-plucked and hand-trimmed on-site, then they are transported to our drying room.

Once the harvested buds are sufficiently dried, we bag them up, load them up, and ship them out to be clinically tested to further ensure efficacy and preserve purity.

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